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If you have received any of the following notices please call Pay and Stay LLC for immediate help.

  • 24 hour Notice to Vacate
  •   3 Day Notice to Vacate 
  •   5 Day Notice to Vacate 
  • 10 Day Notice to Vacate 
  • 30 Day Notice to Vacate 
  • 60 Day Notice to Vacate 
  • 90 Day Notice to Vacate 



One call to Pay and Stay LLC will get you the help you need in 1 Day
This is the only number you will need (888) 586-1793.

Our professionals have been helping people who have been evicted for over 15 years.
We know the rules. We understand the law. We can help you in less than 24 hours...Period.

We can delay your Court Date for an average of 2 months.That will keep you in your current home until you can make arrangements to work it out with the owner or relocate. At Pay and Stay LLC we understand that eviction is a personal and emotional nightmare; It’s hard on your family and nerve racking. We handle every case privately and professionally.

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Pay and Stay LLC is dedicated to helping you through the difficult times of being evicted from your home. We know Eviction Law. We understand the Landlord eviction process. We know what they can and can't do in an eviction filing. And, we know how to fight the notice, keep you in your place for an AVERAGE of 60 days and More for a very low cost. The principals at Pay and Stay LLC have been fighting evictions and eviction notices for nearly 20 years with success. Pay and Stay LLC is an affordable alternative to being evicted with little time to figure things out for you and your family. Call us for your free quote. We can help immediately.